Fredric Bergström - Music

Classy works:

Title Description Size
Aber For brass ensemble with 7 percussion and wake-up clocks. (9.03 MB)
Combo Song Guitar duo performed by GothenburgCombo (9.48 MB)
Derby (samba) Bounce a ball and it will return somehow. (2.46 MB)
Dom Double concerto for 2 percussion and symphony orchestra, organ, choir and electronics. (29.55 MB)
FireWire For sinfonietta and soprano (10.64 MB)
Fair For solo bassoon (7.78 MB)
Kontra For acoustic guitar trio (12.27 MB)
Mot For string orchestra (17.42 MB)
Negativ Musik Negative (8.40 MB)
Pakt Pakt (4.48 MB)
Positiv Musik Positive (10.51 MB)
Ristoid To a friend in Oslo (4.36 MB)
Scizofrenetiskt Rondo för Læstadian Chirrrp (5.15 MB)
SCSI For chamber ensemble (12.10 MB)
Sono Sonoro For chamber choir and live-electronics (13.87 MB)
Sound of Freedom For solo performer and chamber ensemble (20.34 MB)
Spasmytic Rats in a can (2.85 MB)
Sussie My first love song ever written. Performed by Ensemble NING (No) (2.33 MB)
The Doctor's hat fed the cat Performed by Gageego! (10.37 MB)
Vitter Stöde musikvecka (world premiere) (29.82 MB)
Wedding Walze Commision for a friends wedding (6.86 MB)
Breathe KammarensembleN live in Paris 2001 (11.03 MB)