Fredric Bergström - Music

Electro works:

Title Description Size
Blira Live in Härnösand 1996 (10.69 MB)
Breathe Out Late night remix of my piece "breathe" performed by KammarensembleN. (8.51 MB)
Dansmusik Dance music for dance company in Härnösand 1995 (8.64 MB)
Escortic Joynt Remix by Trio Escort of Steve Reich´s 'Electric Counterpoint' (9.40 MB)
Gallerian Sounds Together with Staffan Mossenmark, Lisa Nordström and people from Konstfack. (5.02 MB)
Goodlookin' Moneymakin' Filmstar GAS - together with Eukleuf. (7.61 MB)
Grains of Roses For two acoustic guitars and live-electronics (8.81 MB)
Laptop Orchestra (Live) Åke Parmerud, PA Nilsson & Fredric Bergström (53.16 MB)
Nagoya Parras Grainy remix on Steve Reich´s "Nagoya Guitars" (12.84 MB)
No more structures A piece for Violin, double bass and electronics. Supported by Konstnärsnämnden. (11.66 MB)
Svininfluenser Swine before flue experience (Serge Modular) (3.67 MB)
Too Bee Composed for GöteborgsOperan. Hurdy-gurdy and percussion not present in this mix. (16.75 MB)
Wroom (remix) Remix by Trio Escort of Staffan Mossenmarks 'Wroom' - concert for 100 Harley Davidson motorcycles (7.64 MB)
Deluge Etyde #1 My first attempt to do some YouTube Music Porn (10.74 MB)
Deluge Etude #2 (French Quarters) A celebration to the men who got me into creating music (35 y ago). Jean Michelle Jarre. (8.87 MB)