Fredric Bergström - Music

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Title Description Size
"Ursäkta fröken, skulle jag kunna få en öl till?" (Sten för FAAN!) To Sten Hansson - Commissioned by GEIGER (4.64 MB)
Aber For brass ensemble with 7 percussion and wake-up clocks. (9.03 MB)
Blira Live in Härnösand 1996 (10.69 MB)
Breathe KammarensembleN live in Paris 2001 (11.03 MB)
Breathe Out Late night remix of my piece "breathe" performed by KammarensembleN. (8.51 MB)
Combo Song Guitar duo performed by GothenburgCombo (9.48 MB)
Dansmusik Dance music for dance company in Härnösand 1995 (8.64 MB)
Deluge Etude #2 (French Quarters) A celebration to the men who got me into creating music (35 y ago). Jean Michelle Jarre. (8.87 MB)
Deluge Etyde #1 My first attempt to do some YouTube Music Porn (10.74 MB)
Derby (samba) Bounce a ball and it will return somehow. (2.46 MB)
Dom Double concerto for 2 percussion and symphony orchestra, organ, choir and electronics. (29.55 MB)
Drone (Live) Live at Fylkingen 2009 (39.89 MB)
DroneQuartet: Leatheris Drone Quartet - 4 hurdy gurdies with electronics (6.81 MB)
DroneQuartet: Opening Drone Quartet - 4 hurdy gurdies with electronics (6.51 MB)
Escortic Joynt Remix by Trio Escort of Steve Reich´s 'Electric Counterpoint' (9.40 MB)
Fair For solo bassoon (7.78 MB)
fasd sadfsad (1.84 MB)
FireWire For sinfonietta and soprano (10.64 MB)
Fredric Bergström ulike sider (jeg vil ogso bli noe) Performance, electronics and video. Performed by Amund Sveen with friends (29.54 MB)
Gallerian Sounds Together with Staffan Mossenmark, Lisa Nordström and people from Konstfack. (5.02 MB)
Goodlookin' Moneymakin' Filmstar GAS - together with Eukleuf. (7.61 MB)
Grains of Roses For two acoustic guitars and live-electronics (8.81 MB)
Is (ice) Sound of ice (9.73 MB)
Kontra For acoustic guitar trio (12.27 MB)
Laptop Orchestra (Live) Åke Parmerud, PA Nilsson & Fredric Bergström (53.16 MB)
Lira For Fourty-one Hurdy-gurdy's (15.17 MB)
Lira (live) 2008@Röda sten, Göteborg, Sweden. (12.72 MB)
Mot For string orchestra (17.42 MB)
Nagoya Parras Grainy remix on Steve Reich´s "Nagoya Guitars" (12.84 MB)
Negativ Musik Negative (8.40 MB)
No more structures A piece for Violin, double bass and electronics. Supported by Konstnärsnämnden. (11.66 MB)
Open up a can of wasps Hurdy-gurdy and 8ch surround electronic music (15.61 MB)
Pakt Pakt (4.48 MB)
Positiv Musik Positive (10.51 MB)
Ristoid To a friend in Oslo (4.36 MB)
Scizofrenetiskt Rondo för Læstadian Chirrrp (5.15 MB)
SCSI For chamber ensemble (12.10 MB)
Set the 'Fire inside us' on Fire Actor: Jesper Norda (24.97 MB)
Sono Sonoro For chamber choir and live-electronics (13.87 MB)
Sound of Freedom For solo performer and chamber ensemble (20.34 MB)
Sound of Freedom (video) "Helsinki scandal version" Performed by NING (no) (146.70 MB)
Spasmytic Rats in a can (2.85 MB)
Strupe I can sing (9.62 MB)
Större och större Sound installation with the voice of Ulf Ekman (55.90 MB)
Sussie My first love song ever written. Performed by Ensemble NING (No) (2.33 MB)
Svininfluenser Swine before flue experience (Serge Modular) (3.67 MB)
The Doctor's hat fed the cat Performed by Gageego! (10.37 MB)
Tihi Only derived from the spoken word "tihi" said by the Royal Swedish Princess (8.87 MB)
Too Bee Composed for GöteborgsOperan. Hurdy-gurdy and percussion not present in this mix. (16.75 MB)
Tranquillité au-dessus du détroit de Keriç Hurdy-Gurdy's, Bombard, Trelombard, Organ (21.24 MB)
Trio Escort: Raga Staffan Mossenmark, Jesper Norda & Fredric Bergström (34.48 MB)
Vibraphone Music (no. 1) For solo vibraphone and sine waves (9.45 MB)
Vitter Stöde musikvecka (world premiere) (29.82 MB)
Wedding Walze Commision for a friends wedding (6.86 MB)
Where Do I Begin To Anna Erikssons 50th birthday (5.60 MB)
Wroom (remix) Remix by Trio Escort of Staffan Mossenmarks 'Wroom' - concert for 100 Harley Davidson motorcycles (7.64 MB)